From Homeless to Housing

Far too many people in Central Florida don’t have an opportunity for redemption, an opportunity to turn their lives around, an opportunity to escape the demons that chase them. 

For Pastor Diamond Alexander, Rescue Outreach Mission provided that opportunity and in January, he found a home after spending time at the shelter  

It was the first time I was homeless, and it took a lot of swallowing the pride I had,” Alexander says. “I knew I needed somewhere I could clear my head and start over again. After talking to the case managers, I came in seeking the help I needed.”  

Getting to that point, where he could swallow that pride was not easy for a man who is an ordained pastor, college basketball player and a martial arts competitor. He was born and raised in Orlando, and despite his success, the Paramore neighborhood caught up with Alexander 

“I got involved in the wrong stuff and the wrong people, doing drugs and selling drugs and working for some of the worst people in Orlando,” he says. “God gave me the call in 2007 and from that point on, it was more up than down.” 

In 2014, feeling the pressure to leave the path of redemption he was on, he moved his family to Seminole County. After a divorce, he moved in with family members, but they were involved in dealing drugs. He didn’t have a place to go, but he knew he couldn’t stay there.  

He came to Rescue Outreach Mission – the only option he had. 

“I loved their program and volunteered in the kitchen as I had worked as a sous-chef at one time in my life,” Alexander says.  

And while he certainly appreciated the help, he wants to make sure he never spends the night there again. 

Working with Rescue Outreach Mission, he was able to find a studio apartment in Altamonte Springs. He’s actively interviewing for jobs, willing to work in any capacity to make sure he doesn’t lose his apartment. He’s trying to save any money he can to get a car, so he doesn’t need to rely on the bus system and to start going back to his church in DeLand. 

I trust God,” Alexander says. “He’s my alpha and my maker, he won’t forsake me even though this test of my faith. 

Pastor Diamond Alexander