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By spreading awareness about the homelessness situation in your area, you’re helping your local community. Please explore and utilize these resources to help our movement grow, help change lives, and help individuals in your community find their freedom.

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Monday: Veterans Homelessness Awareness

Veterans put their lives on the line for our freedom and right now thousands of veterans are homeless and living on the streets.
This #HungerAndHomelessnessAwarenessWeek, join Rescue Outreach Mission in taking action to support those who served.
Our homeless veterans need access to housing, healthcare, food assistance, job training, and more.
Your gift of just $5 can make a real difference. Let’s work together to make sure no veteran is left behind. Donate now and #GiveMe5 to change lives!
Visit to learn how!

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Tuesday: Children and Families Homelessness Awareness

As #HungerAndHomelessnessAwarenessWeek continues, we want you to know that you can help give children and families a place to sleep tonight.
Rescue Outreach Mission provides emergency shelter, transitional housing, and critical services to provide for those in need.
With your support, we can provide critical resources to children and families and set them on a path to self-sufficiency. Please consider donating $5 to help give homeless families the tools they need to create lasting change!
Join us and #GiveMe5 today!
Visit to give.

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Wednesday: Senior Homelessness Awareness

An increasing number of Seniors are facing their golden years without a place to call home.
That’s why Rescue Outreach Mission is making it a priority to support Seniors during #HungerAndHomelessnessAwarenessWeek.
Whether it’s a hot meal, safe shelter, medical care, or just compassion, we’re committed to helping the elderly get back on their feet.
$5 can help provide life-changing assistance to a Senior in need today. Please consider donating and sharing this message today.
Won’t you join us and #GiveMe5

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Thursday: Single Women and Men Homelessness Awareness

Homelessness affects single adults from all walks of life.
On any given night, thousands of single men and women across our community are sleeping on the streets, in cars, or in shelters because they lack a permanent home.
Rescue Outreach Mission is working hard to change that by providing vital services to help individuals get back on their feet. But we can’t do it alone.
This #HungerAndHomelessnessAwarenessWeek, please consider giving $5 to help provide essential care for single adults in need. Your donation can change a life.
Lend a hand and #GiveMe5 today!
Click the link to donate:

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Friday: Thank You to Our Corporate Givers

The road to ending homelessness starts with community.
We’re so grateful to our supporters who give their time, talent, and resources to help Rescue Outreach Mission uplift the most vulnerable. It’s only through community collaboration that we can drive meaningful progress.
As #HungerAndHomelessnessAwarenessWeek comes to an end, we thank our corporate givers for their crucial role in creating pathways to a new life for those in need.
We hope others will join us in forging innovative solutions to break the cycle of homelessness for good.
How can you help today? Consider making a donation here:
When we work hand in hand, anything is possible. Thank you for your commitment to caring for others. Let’s keep making a difference together!

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